Saturday, November 13, 2010

Oh No!

Another day and no writing. I don’t know what’s going on with me, but I will be waking up tomorrow and getting right to the computer to put some words to the screen. I’m mentally zapped right now so I’m hoping some inspiration will come to me as I sleep.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Slowing Down

I didn’t get a word written yesterday. I just couldn’t bring myself to write anything. We even lost our server and internet connections at work yesterday and couldn’t get much work done without them. I could have used that time to get a little writing in but no. At home, I chose to finish “The Girl Who Played With Fire” by Stieg Larsson instead of write. The good thing is that I’m still ahead of the target word count but my lead is shrinking. In a week, Thanksgiving madness starts so I have to get back ahead or the last week of Nano will see me being a madwoman. Wish me luck.

How are you all doing at it?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Updating You

Hello all!

Nanowrimo is going well. I now have 14,512 words. Two years ago my ending word count was a little over 13,000 so I am thrilled beyond belief that things are going so well. I slowed down a bit this weekend but I’m hoping to get back in gear during the week. The Nano revolution has spawned all kinds of spin-offs. While I can’t see myself ever doing the knit a sweater in a month challenge, I just may have to try to blog everyday for a month. One of the bloggers in my reader feed is doing this for the month. It’s too late for me to do it this month but I just may do this in December. This will give me the platform to share a little bit of what I wrote during Nano and let you see what I am going to do this year to get ready for Christmas. I have no idea what’s in store for Christmas but I’m looking forward to planning it considering it’s the first Christmas for me and my fiance. Hopefully I won’t bore you all to death. Please come back and join me and add me to your favorite rss reader so you don’t miss a word.

Hope your month is shaping up well. Temperatures are dropping and Thanksgiving is around the corner.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Welcome to Nanowrimo

Another November and another foray into the world of Nanowrimo. I’m doing pretty good today. Currently I’m sitting at 3622 words which is pretty good. My goal per day is 2044 to account for the non-writing days around Thanksgiving. I hope some of you are joining in. Let me know if you are so I can keep up with you on the site.

Happy writing, my friends. Too bad the 79 words of this post don’t count. Oh well, back to writing.