Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Love

I have tried to sit down and write, but I'm just not interested in it right now.  What Iam interested in is sewing. I made good progress on my baby sewing and I think I will have a nice little care package to ship off before the first of the new babies comes.

I'm also keeping an eye out the window on the Kansas weather.  My cell phone keeps beeping with weather related text message. Gotta love living in the mid west.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

In honor of all the mommies out there and soon to be mommies in my life, I am doing a little sewing today.

Bibs, bunting and a little paper piece quilting.  All the patterns I'm using are free from Whitney over at  I've been following her for a while on her YouTube channel. I'll give you a bit of an update when these projects look a bit more finished.

I hope you all enjoy this day, whether you are a mommy, planning to be a mommy or content without.  We all deserve to enjoy these lovely Sundays.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Franklin Covey and Filofax

As much as I am loving Filofax, I still prefer the accessibility of FranklinCovey. You don't get any better than having a dedicated store just down the street. So I stopped in one day for lunch. I went in of the hole punch which is much cheaper than purchasing from Filofax and walked out with more than I bargained for.

I won't bore you by waxing poetically about all the goodies, but I will say that with the exception of the Swingpad, I love them all. The Swingpad is a little too big for my personal size Filofax. It fits but closing the snap become difficult. Not sure just yet what I will do about that. For now, I'm going to use what I can and try my best to stay out of the FranklinCovey store. If you are looking into the variety of refills and inserts available, look at FranklinCovey, just be aware that the sizing is slightly different.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

I Shut Down

I'm spending a little time in bed tonight catching up on my online life and setting up my new A5 Filofax. There has been a lot of goings on here in casa Kansas, but none of it should have stopped me from blogging or writing or enjoying life. But it did. I am that person that completely shuts down when all is not right and it is driving me crazy. When one aspect of my life is going wrong, I shut down in all things and can't quite manage to keep going, at least not effectively. I still move, but I move without purpose and without fulfillment. Everything slows to a crawl until that out-of-place puzzle piece catches back up and gets in line.

But now that my life is not completely my own, I really have to work on changing this. I had a great week of wedding re-cap and a giveaway all planned and a life hiccup with my husband brought that to a halt. It is almost impossible for me to be upset about something in my marriage and try to write about how happy the wedding was. It feels disingenuous. So, I shut it down and took a little time to reset and repair.

In that time, I set some boundaries and made some positives steps forward to help me keep things together and moving. I also did a lot of comfort eating so you will be hearing about me and my new Fitbit a lot! Also in that time, I got a promotion at work which prompted the purchase of the new Filofax. I quickly realized I wouldn't be able to track my group in my personal size. I will continue to use the personal size for all things personal and blogging and as a wallet.

So, look for some changes from me soon. I am hoping to revamp the blog a bit as it's been a little while since we've refreshed. And I promise the wedding re-cap and giveaway are fast approaching.