Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Franklin Covey and Filofax

As much as I am loving Filofax, I still prefer the accessibility of FranklinCovey. You don't get any better than having a dedicated store just down the street. So I stopped in one day for lunch. I went in of the hole punch which is much cheaper than purchasing from Filofax and walked out with more than I bargained for.

I won't bore you by waxing poetically about all the goodies, but I will say that with the exception of the Swingpad, I love them all. The Swingpad is a little too big for my personal size Filofax. It fits but closing the snap become difficult. Not sure just yet what I will do about that. For now, I'm going to use what I can and try my best to stay out of the FranklinCovey store. If you are looking into the variety of refills and inserts available, look at FranklinCovey, just be aware that the sizing is slightly different.

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