Saturday, February 21, 2009

No Sewing For Me

I was hoping to be able to get some sewing done this weekend.  No such luck!  I broke one of the knobs on my Bernina and it is at the shop being repaired.  The shop let me borrow a machine for last week's sewing class but that's as far as I have gotten in the sewing arena. They loved the samples that I made so I'm on my way to teaching a class.  So, for the weekend I am back to my old friend knitting.  Let's see what I can get done.  I did finish up the little pot scrubbers I was working on.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Delicious Buy

I'm testing out this software for cataloging.  Check it out.  I'll give a review when I've had a chance to use it.

Delicious Buy

Sunday, February 15, 2009


I spent most of my time this weekend sewing up samples for the quilting store.  I am going to attempt to teach classes at Lavender Lime quilt shop here in Chattanooga.  I made samples for a box bag, vinyl wallet, and the brown bag lunch bag.  The sample in the picture is canvas encased in vinyl.  I'll drop them off at the shop tomorrow and we'll see what the store thinks of them.  If all goes well, I will be on class list for April and May and beyond.

Let me know what you think?  Would you take a class to learn to sew these?

And to reward myself for getting all the samples done, I made a wallet just for me.  I'll upload another picture when I get all my stuff in it.  I'll also be making more of the wallets to add to my Etsy store next weekend.  I think these will be perfect for the spring/summer.  Since the outside is vinyl, it's perfect for having at the beach or in the park and you can throw it in a diaper bag without baby's milk or spilled lotion getting at your cell phone.  :)

Hope you all had a fabulous Valentine's weekend.  It was a beautiful weekend.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I've been doing lots and lots of knitting since my last post and I am happy to say that I am down to 75 yarns in my stash.  I've done more projects for the head-2 Calorimetries and the Felicity hat.  

This weekend I was hit with the fun fur bug and knit three scarves for my niece out of the fun fur mixed with solid color yarns. 

They will be given to her as a part of her high school graduation gift so next fall she will have plenty of girly accessories to show off.  Okay I'm off to clean and hopefully knit some more.

Take care out there!