Thursday, January 24, 2008

Oh, It's So Personal

Today, several people were "let go" from my company. My own job is a little shaky, but I found myself more worried about the others than myself. Yes, the company has been having financial problems lately, but it's method of getting rid of employees bothers me more so than the fact that they had to let someone go. Having to implement a hard decision can be seen as just "business", but when you implement your decisions in ways that have the most negative impact to the lives of the employees, it SO becomes "personal".

Today's actions, although coming from a sound business decision were personal. Personal in it's implementation, personal in it's impact.

There is no business anymore.


  1. April, I can relate so well - as one who was let go after 10 years with a company. It's hard to see the others go and it's hard for you to go when your time comes (if not your choice). In the meantime, think positive thoughts and escape into the yarn. See ya Tuesday!

  2. April - call me ASAP - or email me at home or work - have I got a deal for you.