Sunday, January 27, 2008

Gifts for My Sisters

So, I finally got birthday gifts done for my sisters. Both are January birthdays so at least they'll have their gifts in hand before the end of the month. HA!

Little will get her gift tomorrow. I got it over to Brown for shipping last week. She gets knitted washcloths and naturals soaps and a lovely body wash from Mary Kay. I started knitting these washcloths for myself, but I know little sis will love and appreciate them. So I'll have to order more yarn to make more for myself.

Big sis get a very lovely and much more expensive Schaefer scarf. It's 50% silk/50% wool and it feels really nice. The pattern is called the Open Wave Scarf and it knits up supper fast for a quick and easy gift. It's just hard to give away because of the cost of the yarn. I know she'll love it and I hope she cares for it accordingly. I'll have to send care instructions along with.

Now I'm off to knit something new. Maybe finish something for myself!


  1. Wow! What a gorgeous scarf! Your sister is a lucky gal!

  2. That scarf is absolutely beautiful. I don't think I've heard of the yarn before, but it sound scrumptious.

    Now, make me one.

  3. um, that's supposed to be "sounds".

  4. What great gifts! Care instructions are always a good idea with handmade luxuries... it just doesn't occur to most people that everything isn't tossed in the wash.