Thursday, February 7, 2008


The past couple of weeks have been tough. Hardly any knitting has been done. A couple of weeeks ago, word started to surface that the company was having financial trouble. All of a sudden pleople out of our main ofice were being fired or 'let go' (as they want you to call it so they don't feel so bad about giving employees no notice that they would be without a job in two days).

Not knowing my own fate, I have been taking all of my files and notebooks of training and work related information and scanning them into PDF files. When it's my time, I would rather walk out with a memory stick rather than 4 boxes of paper (what I came with).

I was assured by the head of our department that we all were safe but I kept scanning. I've been needing to do this anyway. Another rumor surfaced that more cuts would be made but department heads would strive to keep the 'best and brightest' and get rid of the 'dead weight'!

Again on Friday I was assured my department was safe. When I got a call at 3 pm Friday from a friend saying she had been fired (sorry 'let go'), I knew my time was coming. She WAS one of their best and brightest. I packed up half the things in my office, scanned more files and resolved in my head that I wouldn't have my job much longer.

To shorten this saga just a bit, this week I was fired then rehired (the intent was not to get rid of me to begin with). But then I was told that if I wanted to keep my job I needed to relocate and that meant someone else would loose their job. I turned down the proposition. I'm not relocating for a financially unstable company.

So knowing I would have no job after turning this down, I started to prepare to turn my projects over. And actually there is no one to turn them over to. Which is why I guess I was told to just keep working until further notice.

Hence the question, DO I HAVE A JOB OR NOT? All I know is the resume is hot off the presses and will be distributed soon.


  1. I am so sorry to hear that. Getting fired - I mean "laid off" as they like to tell us - is such an awful feeling. It's happened to me once when a company was having financial trouble.

    I'm sending prosperous thoughts your way. Hang in there!

  2. April! Well if you can still open the door at work in the mornings, I guess that's a good thing. But I would start sending out resumes asap and have something lined up before you have issues with bouncing paychecks (been there, etc.). Hint: Cash the check and deposit the cash. That way the bank can't pull the money from your account if the check has problems.

    Got good thoughts heading your way and hope to see ya Tuesday.

  3. Whoa, that is awful. The stress is amazing, I know. My husband went thru mass layoffs when his company moved the jobs overseas. It is stressful, but you are doing the right thing by gettting and keeping your ducks in order. Best wishes and luck to you.