Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Knitting, Sewing and Kindergarten

Storm weather is rolling in so I am going to try to get this done before the DSL start acting funny. DirecTV is already flickering.

First, an update on my knitting. It's been awhile since I've done a project update. I'm still working on socks (of course!!). I have two that I'm actively working on right now, the Noro spiral socks and the Hourglass socks in Collinette Jitterbug. The Hourglass socks are giving me problems. For some reason I keep losing my stitch count and have to tink back and start over. I've done this 3 times now and it's getting irritating. I'm excited to be getting the 2nd sock of the Noro set done. The first sock turned out better than I thought and it fits better than I thought it would. I can't wait to see how they feel when they are washed.

It's pouring outside now but the rain smells delightful. I've got all my windows up so I can get a good breeze through the house.

I've been on an entrelac kick. I was talking to a friend on the phone and we both mentioned wanting to learn entrelac. I looked around on the e-net and found a couple of tutorials and decided to use some washcloth yarn to try it out. It turned out great. I did two washcloths in the tan and white and then couldn't stop there. I did another washcloth using the cotton leftovers I've had laying around the house. But that wasn't enough. I've had some Shaeffer yarn laying around waiting to become a wrap but after seeing the entrelac washcloths, it decided it wanted to be a Lady Eleanor Stole. I've listened to it and gave in and the results so far are beautiful.

AmandaH and I are still working on our sew-a-long. Both of us are a little behind on our goals but we've both made some progress. I had two bags on my agenda and I did finish one of them but the unfinished one is a gift for a friend so you would think I would have gotten that one done first. You would think!

My greatest accomplishment though is the pin cushion that I made. You step on only so many straight pins before you find a place to put them.

Tomorrow is the last day of school for most of the kids in our county and I volunteered to help out a kindergarten teacher I know finish up with her end of year activities. I always love hanging out with her kids. They are so honest and cute at that age and they love having visitors. It's so nice. When you walk into the room, there are always two or three that run up and hug you. And they love to tell you what's going on in their lives. And despite the fact that they are little people, they do have fascinating lives. And I will be writing more about them in the near future.

Consider volunteering at your local schools. The little ones love having people come read to them.

Rain has stopped although I don't think this is the end of the stormy weather. I'm off to drink a cup of tea and finish my sewing and knitting.

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  1. Your bags look wonderful. You are really doing well with them. The entrelac looks great too. I've tried that with some handspun - I'll have to bring it to a get-together to show you.

    I love the pincushion! That should be great help when blocking something out too. I've got a funky little bowl - maybe I can try your idea with it. You do inspire creative thoughts!