Monday, May 26, 2008

My Soup Kick

When I need a little pick-me-up, I tend to cook. And for some reason, chicken soup has been the feel good meal for the past couple of weeks. I made a new batch tonight. I'll be eating this for most of the week. I've put it in containers and I'm just waiting for it to cool down a bit before putting it in the fridge.

I ended up with a lot of it because I tend not to cook with a recipe and I don't measure anything. So if you want a chicken soup that is perfect for you, this is what you do.

pot of water, salt the water
add chicken (as much as you need)--don't bother to thaw and chop at this point. you can do it later
I added a chunk of a frozen mix of onions, bell peppers and celery that I keep on hand. Perfect for all soups and cornbread dressings.
When the chicken is cooked remove pieces, chop to desired size and return to pot. Shredding the chicken also has a good effect. (to shred, pull chicken apart with a fork)
Add more salt and pepper to the water as you are about to add noodles of choice and the noodles need a little flavor. I used veggie ribbon noodles for this mix but I have use all types of pasta or rice or both. Rainbow color varieties are perfect for this. Add as much pasta as you need. This soup freezes well so don't worry about making too much.

Before the pasta is completely cooked, add all vegetables. I used a frozen mix of vegetables. It doesn't matter what vegetables you add. You cannot go wrong.

Continue to cook until vegetables are heated through. Make cornbread to accompany, pour a glass of sweet tea, ladle up a big bowl and ENJOY!!!

See! You don't need recipes. Just throw it in the pot! More easy cooking to come in the future.

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  1. I often use a rotisserie chicken to start - cuts cooking time. You have some good shortcuts that I haven't used. Will have to try this as it sounds really good.