Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Am Serious About This!

I am all about getting yarn out of the stash, especially considering Stitches South is coming up and I know I am going to come home with too much new yarn.  So I am knitting away, determined to get at least half of my stash into projects for me or for the many new babies that keep sprouting up in my life. I track my yarn in Ravelry and right now I have 82 yarns (Some of these yarns consists of several skeins) in my stash. They can only come out of the active stash when they have been completely knit up or given away.  So, the goal for April 20th of this year is to be down to 41 yarns or less.  I encourage you all to do the same.
I was happy to find the Amelia Earhart Cap pattern that I used for the little cap in the last posting. It can be knit using one skein of yarn and is really cute.  Be careful that the yarn you use has at least 140+ yards though. The latest is white and very cute.

 I have already cast on the next project which will allow me to knock one more yarn off my count.  It's knitting up beautifully so I'm looking forward to finishing.  I'll post more about it later.  I have some  knitting time scheduled with friends later so I may just be able to finish it this weekend.

Aside from getting to clear the stash, all of the knitting is giving me some much needed stress relief.  I did so well to make it through the work week and I attribute it to the knitting.

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