Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What Are You Reading

I am trying to get back into reading. I had slowed down as I went through the job change. Now that Nanowrimo is over, I am more inspired to get back to it. Today, I spent a little time loading my kindle with some book samples to look into. I am probably most excited about Omar Tyree's new title, "Dirty Old Men". Just hearing the title makes me think of the men around when I was growing up. Ha! You just ignore them and laugh them off as the dirty old men you know them to be.

I am also very happy with the progress I made during Nanowrimo. I have started developing what I think will be a really great novel. I wrote a total of 26,253 words. My 2008 total was a little over 14,00 so I saw a vast improvement. My dialogue has improved greatly and I am much better at story development. I am looking into increasing my writing over the next year. My first step was starting the blog and I have done quite well with it I think. Look for more general writing from me in the next year as well as a lot more crafting. I am in the process of developing more classes to teach at my local quilt shop and I'm looking at picking up a lot of those kitchen skills that I have been avoiding, like bread making and canning.

TwentyTen is going to be a fabulous year and I hope you all will continue to follow me on this journey.

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  1. Canning and bread baking huh, welcome to my world at last... love doing both and it is much better with 2 doing the work. We'll have to plan a weekend up to the elbows in jars and flours...

    Maybe you can teach me more of the skills needed in writing in return.