Friday, February 8, 2013

I Am The Girl

I am the girl that gave up canned and boxed foods years ago because of the salts and sugars used as preservatives.

I am the girl that struggled to give up the dairy products that I love so much because they cause me migraines.

I am the girl that has tripled her water intake in the last year.

I am the girl that added green juices to her diet, drastically increasing the number of fruits and vegetables I consume.

I am the girl that walks around the building or the floor at work because I understand that my job has us at a desk for too long during the day.

I am the girl that hasn’t bought table sugar in over 6 months.

I am the girl who was losing weight leading up to her wedding and almost had to get more alterations to account for the extra losses.

But I am also the girl that had a serious health scare this week. I caught a bug at work this week and by the time I made it to the walk in clinic, my blood pressure was so high I had to immediately go to the ER.

I’d be foolish to think that over the years I’d done enough. I know I could have done more. I know I have more to do. The hard part is not letting this make me feel like all I have done has been for nothing.

It has not. This will not defeat me.

 Take care of yourselves.

And when you think you’ve done enough, do more!

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  1. Oh April, please take care of you. I'm kind of in the same boat - so walking more is in my near future.