Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Working, Working, Working

There is nothing going on in my life at the moment other than working. By the time I get home,  I'm too tired to do any blogging.

In the midst of checking my growing to do list,  I decided to try out the Blogger app for a little remote blogging. I don't have data service where I am but it's nice to know I can blog in the app and upload later.

Good job,  Blogger! I've been very disappointed lately when apps I have or want to use can only be used when you are on the network. What's the point of having all this processing power in the phone if everyone wants to upload to their servers for saving and processing. But,  my frustrations with technology are another topic for another day.

If this post is successful, this may be my only means of blogging for the next couple of months.

For you planner lovers out there, I have added a plain moleskine to my routine to house my work to-do list. I use mini dots as my check boxes.


  1. Nice! I'm in the market for a planner that will work well for my day-to-day as well as my blogging tasks. I must admit although I have the Wordpress app, I only use it for comment moderation.

    1. After seeing this comment, I went back into the Blogger app and don't you know it doesn't let you do comments. So disappointing.