Saturday, July 12, 2008

Just For Me

I think this may be my favorite. It's the Amy Butler Sling Bag. It's big and it's absolutely cushy!! The fusing I used added some softness to it and the pattern also calls for some fusible fleece so the finished bag turns out really soft and luscious. I also made a matching zippered pouch from the Stash Bags Pattern. See my flickr page for more photos.

All of the sewing I've been doing lately has got me thinking about my connection with my mother and grandmother and with the women that I have met since being out on my own. The following statement most likely won't apply to any of the people reading this blog, but I get so disappointed when I meet people (especially women) that don't do anything. They have no product to show their existence (other than the babies they've made of course). But why is it that our ability to 'craft' is being pushed aside? I love the women and men that I have met through knitting and blogging. Some of you are out there doing some fantastic and beautiful things and I love seeing that and being able in some part to be a part of your legacy. But for those that have no hobbies and show no interest in anything in particular....what is their legacy?


  1. Love the bag - you're burning up the needles aren't you.

    Different thoughts on your questions regarding crafting - look at the blog A Few Stitches Short on blogspot. Susan has a fascinating entry today. I love her way of simplifying complex thoughts.

  2. I can't imagine NOT crafting and your bag is beautiful!