Friday, September 7, 2012

Tardy For The End of Summer Party

Even though many consider Labor Day to be the end of summer, some of us are still getting in those last BBQs and cookouts. Some of you are taking those last summer camping trips before you pack away the gear and hunker down for the fall/winter.

Well, my friends over at Hershey’s--yes, they are my friends now. Anyone that sends me such a great Easter basket is my friend for life! I’m on the tail end of this announcement, but my FRIENDS over at Hershey’s set up a special S’mores-Camp Bondfire campaign to help you end the summer in sugary goodness.

While some consider S’mores to be the perfect summer camping/cookout treat, I consider it the perfect fall Bon Fire/Tailgating treat. What’s better for a cool night than a warm, chocolate-ty, gooey S’mores. Nothing better. So while Hershey’s is finishing up this campaign, I encourage you all to go over to the Facebook page and tell them how much you are looking forward to the Fall S’more Snuggle. (Yes, I made that up!)

While my late post won’t get you in the running for any of the awesome prizes they gave away, take a look at some of the pictures and stories others have shared. I’m sure there will be a lot of great ideas for kicking off an awesome fall season.

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