Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hair of the Week-braid out

I’m continuing on my love of the braid-out. My hair is at a length that just seems to work better with the braid-out that it did previously when doing flat twists. Braids take longer to set and longer to take down in the morning, but the texture and stretch that is achieved makes it worth it.


I can’t seem to get any really good hair shots, but I think this one did turn out pretty well. This was taken at the end of the day and I happy to say I still had good definition and minimum frizz at that point. But even on the good days, I have to set my hair every night by re-braiding it. The picture below is how it looks in the morning after taking down the braids.


I’m trying some new product combinations to increase moisture for the coming winter. This week’s combo is a shea butter/castor oil mix, DevaCurl Angel and ILY leave-in conditioner. I have a review of DevaCurl and ILY coming up soon.


And this is my natural hair tip of the day, week, month…. Since the length of the front of my hair is getting down to my chin and I don’t want to cut bangs, my hair and my glasses are not getting along. To keep my hair from mucking up my glasses, I have started putting small clips in my hair. I’m holding my hair back to show the clip but when my hair is down, the clip disappears below my hair holding the bottom layer to the side and away from my lenses. This little tip has save me a lot of frustration. Even if you don’t wear glasses, this is a good method for keeping your hair away from your skin when exercising or engaging in activities that would make you sweat. When I took this picture, I had just come in from walking around the neighborhood.

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