Friday, October 5, 2012

Shades of Gray

Get your mind out of the gutter! This is not that kind of post.
One of the most fun things about planning a wedding, in my opinion is choosing the color palette. One color that has been front and center for me through most of the planning is gray.
I saw these tables at a bridal show that I attended. At the point, I had only decided to use a deep eggplant color, but then I saw it set against the grey table cloths and I was in love. At the same bridal show, I saw this dress in the fashion show and fell in love. The best thing about it, It has pockets. I love dresses with pockets. Since I insist on thinking of my wedding as a cocktail party, I was originally going to cut them short, but now that we are clearly having a fall wedding, we will keep them long, which will be absolutely lovely.
After seeing a coworkers toes painted gray and loving it, I started to think about the wedding and how grey nails would be perfect. I hit the local beauty supply (for China Glaze) and Whole Foods (for Mineral Fusion) and came home with several shades of gray to try out. The Platinum Silver is a definite no-no. You definitely cannot judge a color by how it looks in the bottle. Right now, the China Glaze Recycle is my favorite. The Elephant Walk shows a little blue and the the Mineral Fusion Slate shows purple sometimes. But, when I return to the shop for my next dress fitting, I will paint each color on a nail and see what they look like against my dress. The winning color will be included in gift set for my bridesmaids.
And of course, I can’t forget the gray sneakers that Famous Footwear gifted the attendees of Blissdom 2012. I am seriously contemplating buying a new pair of these (in the same gray and pink) and wearing them under my wedding dress. We’ll see how that goes.
What do you think? What colors are striking your fancy this year?


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    1. Thank you. I appreciate your sentiments.

  2. Nice! Gray (rather "slate") is in our color scheme too :) Loving the pockets on the dress and the nail colors. My groom and his party will be wearing slate Chucks and I'm planning to change into the same for the reception.

    1. It is a great color isn't it. I like the idea of the Chucks but I'm not letting my fiance off that easy. We also have really nice gray pinstriped suits but I forgot to take pictures when we picked them out! I'm such a bad blogger.