Saturday, October 13, 2012

Another Wedding Hair Option

I’ve been continuing to comb the YouTube for wedding day hair options. Since my hair has gotten a little longer since I found the styles I mentioned here and here, I will be spending the month of October playing around in my hair more and more until I get things figured out.

But for now, I am still clipping and saving videos for future reference. Last week, Mahogany Knots posted a new style. After seeing it, I thought about it and thought about it. It really intrigued me, but in the back of my head I was thinking my hair is not nearly long enough. And then, wwestNDNbeautyy did it and I had to give it a try. Her hair is long too, but for some reason, having another person do it gave me a little more confidence in my ability to do it. Who knows? Maybe it’s just the power of YouTube.


This is my hair after setting it with the twists. I was still worried my hair wouldn’t be long enough but I pinned the twists to the side for the night and I was confident I could pin the hair up reasonably well. I moisturized and set my hair using ORS Olive Oil Smooth Pudding and used extra bobby pins to keep the sides smoothed in place while setting.


I was really happy with the definition in my hair after taking down the twists.


And the final result is absolutely beautiful. I think a few well placed flowers will really make this a stand-out contender for the wedding. What do you think. Any hairstyles or YouTubers catching your eye?



  1. Very pretty! I didn't even think to look for wedding hair ideas on YouTube - thanks!

    1. Absolutely. I have checking blogs as well, but there is nothing like seeing someone do it in a video.