Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hair Inspiration-Updo

I am a big fan of Naptural85 on YouTube and she has some really nice hair styles that she showcases on her channel. The biggest problem for me is that her hair is very long and luscious and I’m not quite there yet. But my hair is not so short that I couldn’t do a variation. So, today I decided to try her Casual & Classic “Natural Hair” Style.

This is my version. I’m working with a braid-out that I was too lazy to reset last night.The back of my hair is not long enough to bun like she did so I put it in ponytail holder until I finished securing the pieces from the front. Afterwards, I removed the ponytail holder and folded the bottom up and pinned in place.


I finished it off with a purple fabric head band after making a bit of a pompadour with the front section. It was not long enough to sweep to the side like I would have liked.


You can see my grays a bit in this one. I’m way over due for a henna treatment.


I absolutely love this as a quick and easy up-do and the boy liked it as well. He tells me my up-dos give me that school teacher look. I love styles that show the texture of the hair and that’s one of the reasons I like watching Naptural85. She really loves her hair texture and she loves showcasing styles that show off that texture. I’m not a big fan of loading down my hair and edges with gel to get it all perfect and slick. I like the more natural and slightly messy look of our hair.

I will be revisiting this style in a few months when I get a bit more growth. For now, my modified version will work just fine.

What do you think?

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