Thursday, February 16, 2012

Book #1--Inheritance

I finished my first book of the year (FINALLY). I listened to the audible version of this book since I have not had much time to actually sit down and read. Christopher Paolini is a brilliant young man and he does not know how to write a short book. The unabridged audible version is 31 hours and 22 min and I enjoyed every minute of it.

I won’t go into the plot of the book since this is the fourth book in a series, not to mention this is really too much of a book to really discuss in such a fashion. The plot twists and details are immense and engaging. I got so wrapped up in the characters and actions scenes that I started having dreams about dragons and spell casters.

The only thing that disappointed me with the book was the ending. It was entirely too reminiscent of the ending of Lord of the Rings. (Slight Spoiler!) The Hero decides he can no longer live amongst the regular folk and must sail off into the sunset with a chosen few companions. All I could think about was poor Frodo who never found love and had to leave his best friend with growing family behind for other adventures beyond the sea. And here we are seeing Eragon, having missed the mark on love, leaving his best-friend-cousin, Rowan and his growing family behind and sailing off to a life of raising dragons beyond the reach of the sea. I was not happy about that, but the story wrapped up well but leaves enough holes that other stories could spin off from this.

I highly recommend the entire Inheritance series to anyone that enjoys fantasy every now and again. They are exceptional books and I can not wait for the other movies to be made. Book 1, Eragon, has been made into a pretty good movie (the die-hard fans may disagree based on the some of the comments I have seen on the blogs). I am assuming the movies were halted due to the popularity of Harry Potter and Stephanie Meyer’s vampires. Now that we are moving on from these two book/movie series, I’m hoping the Inheritance movies can shine.

We’ll see.

Next up on the reading list…

I am still reading The Dating Dilemmas of Delilah Dunnfield by Victoria Thurman and Will Work From Home by Tory Johnson and Robyn Freedman Spizman. (Links in the side bar to the right). I’m reading both of these on my e-ink Kindle.

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