Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blissdom Surprises

I came home to a FedEx message in my mailbox that a box was left at my front door. I thought it was something wedding related because I am waiting for a custom address stamp that I ordered. But I was surprised when I opened the box and instead of a stamp, I was faced with this.


It’s a prep kit for the upcoming Blissdom Conference in Nashville. Just a few essentials goodies.


  1. When I snapped this picture, I thought it was just a package of coupons from ConAgra foods, but there is also a music CD included (see photo below). Jewel and ConAgra have teamed up in the fight against child hunger. Visit www.blissdomconference.com/childhungerendshere for more information. I’m looking forward to using the coupons as well!
  2. This pamphlet has a lot of information including packing list and class schedule information. I will be going through this soon to make sure am ready.
  3. Business card case from the One2One Network…another reminder that I really do need to get my cards ordered.
  4. Johnson and Johnson had the best idea in putting together this little book of sticky notes (additional photos below). This will be a staple in my purse to keep my notes from getting all dirty and torn.
  5. My name tag with my blog name and web address.
This is such a fantastic way to get everyone ready for the conference. BRAVO to the Blissdom team and their sponsors. This is great!



  1. So happy you liked it. Just a little love from the BlissDom team and our great sponsors who make the magic happen. See you soon! :)