Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Labor of Love

I started a new project and I’m so thrilled and nervous about it. After getting married in November, my husband and I took a trip over to his mother’s house in North Carolina.  She was not there.  Unfortunately, due to health issues, she may never return to her home. One of things she asked us to do was take whatever family photos from the home that we wanted.

At first, my husband only wanted a few of his mom and siblings, but after spending more than an hour going through the albums and framed photos, he decided to take a few more.

My task over the next few weeks/months/hopefully not a year will be to get them all into a new scrapbook type album. Because there are a lot of pictures of people and events that my husband may not remember, I am not going for a standard scrapbook with journaling. I more want to end up with a family album that leaves space for someone to add names and details to later. Hopefully his mother and siblings will get to see it and help us get it all labeled out.

This is just the beginning!

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  1. That's a pretty awesome project! I think I would be nice to sit with your husband to get some of his thoughts and feelings or quotes and commentary on some of the photos (since you have a lot) and put them in the book ahead of time. It might be a nice surprise and encourage them to really fill out the rest of the missing information. Sorry to hear about your husband's mom and I wish you luck on this project.