Sunday, March 3, 2013

Straight Natural Hair

Before I finally decided to go natural, I spent a lot of time looking at YouTube videos and there were so many horor stories of heat damage. I decided that I would embrace my natural hair and not do the heat thing trying to go back to what I had with the straight hair.  Honestly, I think I look better with natural hair.

But here I am two and a half years later and I've decided to give a little heat styling a try.  Because my hair is more straight in the front, I can't wear a wash and go so preserving a curl pattern really doesn't factor into the conversation anymore. I wear my hair in twist outs and braid outs most of the time and I would have to do significant damage for those styles to be affected.

So here I am, embracing all the styles possible with my natural hair.

I did a tension blow dry followed by flat ironing at 360 degrees. I used a shea butter/castor oil mix as my heat protectant. I pin-curl it nightly to get a really full curl.

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