Friday, March 14, 2008

I Hate Interviews

I've had two interviews this week. I'm not the best at interviews (my opinion), although I do manage to make an impression. I think it has more to do with my honesty more than anything. I don't lie about anything and in an interview; I think people find it refreshing to see someone be honest.
So I made it through the interviews and now I'm in the process of negotiating salary on one of the jobs. It's a fantastic job and I would love to do it although it will require me to work in another city for a couple of years. So, more time on the road away from home. (Insert sarcastic YEA here) I'll have to get an apartment in this other city to stay in during the week and I'll come home on the weekends. I can live with this (I think). We'll see how things go. But I hate the negotiating portion of the process. The only reason I do it and try to get a higher salary is because women tend to get paid less than men doing the same job and; being in a field dominated by white males, I am going to continuously fight for equality in pay. So far I've been successful in getting paid what I'm worth but I still worry about people's initial reaction to my salary. But you know what. I'll get over that when I'm able to buy more yarn at the LYS.
So, during my time off I have gone sock crazy. I'm determined to knit up a week of socks before I start the new job so I can have my custom socks on. Kind of like a security blanket to give me a little boost of confidence while working. I'll be wearing trousers and loafers most of the time so having some pretty colors on my feet will be great. I'll upload pictures tomorrow of the four socks I have going right now. And they are all different. Can you believe it? I'm crazy, but my feet will be gorgeous.
So to those of you out there negotiating through life, I wish you the best. Get what you deserve and always make sure you deserve what you are asking for.


  1. *big hug* You know I wish you the absolute best. Tuesday nights will not be the same without you, if you have to go. I still hope for a job for you here- I am selfishly wanting to keep my friends close. :)

    I can't wait to see new pictures of the socks!

    <3 D

  2. ((((hugs)))) and hopes the negotiations go well. Female EE's are worth so much more than male EE's (from personal experience) as they have had to work so much harder to prove themselves. Let us know how it goes.

    wishing all the best!

  3. Good luck! Hope the negotiations go well.