Monday, March 17, 2008

I Screwed Up

I don't know how. I followed the directions exactly, but I checked Ravelry and no one else has mentioned having problems so it must just be me. I'll go back and check all my measurements against the pattern later. In the meantime, I am not going to rip this out to fix it. I'm going to pull a Tim Gunn and make it work. I don't know how but I am open to suggestions.


The edges that have not been banded are rolling distorting things a bit, but the result is still the same. My collar doesn't line up. Basically it's just way off. I'm still debating on adding the sleeves. I may have to now. The asymmetry may make more since if it's a long sleeved cardigan. HA! I know I'm kidding myself.

Suggestions please!!!


  1. Isn't ravelry great? a one stop "lemme see if other's have screwed up" place to get advice.

  2. well... one side you decreased faster than the other. So, look at the instructions and see if you were supposed to decrease every right-side row or every other right-side row (might say 4th row) or something like that. One side must be correct, and you should only need to rip one... and really, you can decide which side is correct (for you) and make the other to match. My friend reminds me frequently, if you make a 'mistake' and repeat it twice more, it is then a design element! I like that. Good luck