Saturday, March 15, 2008

It’s Storming in the Southeast

I actually love rainy days. Even stormy days are acceptable as long as the damage is minimal. Unfortunately this weekend has brought several doozies our way. Here in Chattanooga is not nearly as bad as Atlanta but the thunder, high winds and lightning at four o'clock in the morning will make anyone think their roof is about to fly off. I hope you all are staying safe. Stay off the streets if you can. People here in Chattanooga tend to get a little crazy on the road in the rain.
To keep myself entertained, I've been watching horror movies. I'm watching Village of the Damned as I typed. Last night was the Omen trilogy. I love the Omen, but I've never seen Omen II and III until last night. There's nothing better than horror movies on a stormy day to get your heart going.
If you've got DirecTV, check out the Chiller channel (#257). You're sure to get a good fright in.


  1. I swear I came off the bed about 3-4 inches with that early am storm. After living in tornado alley for so many years, I do get nervous in the storms, but hope to lose that as I do feel safe where I live. Then I can enjoy the storms again.
    My favorite is sitting near a window, knitting with a cup of tea near me.

  2. Girl, I don't watch scary movies anymore because they give me the willies. Next thing I know, that Omen kid will be under my bed while I'm trying to sleep at night-since I have such a vivid imagination.