Sunday, March 30, 2008

Strides of March

Congratulations to Sarah the volunteer coordinator at Chattanooga Cares. She did a great job organizing this year's march. I know it must have been hard for her considering this was her first year organizing things.

Of course no one could foresee how cold it would be today. The ground was wet from the rain we had yesterday and the wind kept blowing making the day a little colder than necessary. But everything went well and I couldn't help but smile seeing all the walkers crossing the walking bridge shortly after the start of the 3.1 mile walk.

Consider donating to the organization. HIV/AIDS affects us all.

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  1. I got an email today from a woman I went to Jr. Hi with a long time ago. I grew up in a community where most people didn't stay long. I started 3rd grade there and there were only about 4-5 kids who had lived there longer than I by the time we started high school. One of those was Curtis H. Curtis was a popular kid and kinda cute. The woman who wrote me today had told me a while back that Curtis died of AIDS in 1984 in San Francisco. He must have been one of the first.