Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Atlanta Trip-Finale

While in Atlanta, a trip to IKEA inspired me to go ahead and start the recycling program at home I've been wanting to for so long. Finally I would go ahead and do it. I purchased 5 bins-2 large and 3 small for the common divisions of trash-paper, plastic, aluminum, glass, tin.

I did some research yesterday into the guidelines here in Chattanooga. I also had to check the schedule to see when the pick-up times are so I can make sure the items actually make it down to the road on the right day. They pick up once a month so I have to be careful I make the pick-ups. Otherwise I've be driving it all to a drop-off center. My intention was to label the bins and put them in the garage in a place that allows easy access. Looking at the website I saw that the city doesn't actually require you to separate the items. As long as they can be recycled, they can all go into the same bag and be put on the road. So, I decided to use one bin (a large one) and keep it in the kitchen for even easier access.

I'm not sure if that's where the bin will live permanently, but for now I think that's the best spot. Plus it elevates the plant for better sunlight access.

Glass can not be put on the road so I'll have to take wine bottles to the drop off center but I'm usually good about reusing other glass jars once empty. They are perfect for pantry organization. They offer great contrast to the store bought glass containers and make maintaining my pantry a little cheaper. Yay for reusing!

So now, what do I do with the remaining bins? Seeing that Atlanta is almost 2 hours away, returning them is just not practical or desirable honestly. So what to do? YARN STORAGE of course.

I took this opportunity to reorganize a closet that holds my sewing supplies. I put the bins in and labeled them for sock yarn, single skeins, small projects (for 2-4 same balls), and large projects (for 5+ same balls). I think this will work perfectly for my stash as I am still quite small in terms of stash. Since the bins aren't clear I can't automatically see what inside, but I'll use Ravelry to keep up with what I have as I am good about taking pictures of my stash.

The rest of the closet houses my sewing machine and notions and a table I pull out when needed. I added two baskets; one for large notions and patters, the other for WIP knitting. And of course, my knitting books are there.

Now I'm tired and off to clean and dust the house before I die from allergy attacks. Here's hoping your home is organized and dust free as well!

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  1. You are entirely too organized, LOL. If you get sick of doing your own house you can come over and help me do mine. ;) (I'll provide the gas mask so Doc's dander doesn't do you in!)