Sunday, December 12, 2010

Good Morning

My fiance just left for work so I decided to get a quick post in before going back to sleep. The weekend has been great so far. I hope you all can say the same. We had dinner last night with friends at the National Harbor at a restaurant called Ketchup. I won’t link the restaurant because I don’t recommend it at all. The food was decent but the service was horrible. Don’t waste your time. And if you plan to spend any time at the National Harbor, go early and plan to stay long. The wait at every restaurant was at least 3 hours. Ketchup was about an hour and a half. Possibly more if the bad service kicks in as it did with us.

I think I’m going to do some more crocheting today. I tried to do a little knitting last week and it completely failed. I attempted to do a Mobeus scarf. I did the mobeus cast on and started with 300 stitches on size 6 needles.


Things went well in the knitting. I even took it off the needles a few rows in to make sure it would be long enough. When I finished, I hated it. It started curling immediately and only got worse. It completely curled in on itself and it would take too much blocking to make it worth keeping. And it was too short. It made a cowl that was too long and a scarf that was too short.

I will re-do this with a few changes. I will knit on bigger needles for a looser stitch. I think I’ll go up to a size 8 needle. I’ll go up to 400 stitches. I bought a cone of this yarn but only brought a little of it up to Virginia with me. I think I’ll just put all of the yarn I brought with me into it for a nice and full scarf.

Knitting this scarf in one piece is definitely the way to go. The traditional method of knitting 6 to 8 feet of fabric and stitching together gets so boring. Knitting it in the spiral is much more interesting. I found directions for this cast on through YouTube. Love YouTube.

Happy Sunday all. I’m off to bed now since there is nothing on TV at 5 in the morning.

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  1. Haven't tried a mobius yet - but I do think it would not make sense to have to stitch it up after.
    Wishing you and yours a very happy holiday season.