Monday, December 27, 2010

Winding Down

I’m blessed enough to have the week off from work. The entire week is a holiday for the company I am on assignment with and since they have the holiday, I have the holiday. How great is that. I’m spending time this week finishing up a lot of things that have followed me through the year. Today, I finally made it through all the posts in my RSS reader and I completed a few knitting and crochet projects, although those haven’t necessarily been following me all year.


My mother and I have been doing a lot of similar craft projects this year. She is currently crocheting towels and suggested I try this pattern from the makers of Peaches and Cream. Of course I made it in Sugar and Cream. It’s a great pattern and I will do more of them as I have tons and tons of cotton left.


I redid the mobeus scarf and I am very happy with the outcome this time. I knit it on size 8 needles. I think I’m using a 40” Addi. I don’t know how many stitches I cast on. I cast on enough to join the work in the round without stretching. It’s probably a little longer than it needs to be but it wraps around my head 3 times so it’s perfect for blocking out the wind coming off the river on my walk to work. I’m actually blocking this so I will take more pictures after it is dry.


Right now I am trying to figure out my planner/journal needs for the new year. The Life Tracker system from DayRunner that I adopted last year has been discontinued so I am looking at other solutions that will allow me to continue using the binder from the Life Tracker system. I picked up a BlueSky planner from Target today along with some post-it notes that will help me to keep everything organized. We’ll see how long this lasts as I am notorious for changing planners often throughout the year. I’m also trying to make sure the planner/journal system works well for planning the wedding (must get started on planning the wedding!).

How are you all doing on finishing out the year?

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