Saturday, March 24, 2012

Coffee Chat-Trayvon Martin

I went to Starbucks this morning to buy a bag of my favorite coffee blend-Breakfast blend. It seems anything made for breakfast is my favorite as the English Breakfast is my favorite blend of tea. I’m brewing a carafe of coffee to enjoy while I spend a little time with the computer catching up with the news, my RSS feed items and my blogging.


Let’s chat a minute, shall we.

I have been following the Trayvon Martin case in Florida and although I have been publicly silent about it, I have been quietly praying. I try to avoid topics that become overly political or racial on this blog, but today, I was so hurt when I read an article written by someone in Chicago speaking against the media attention that has been shown to one single shooting in Florida. He wants us to concentrate on the innocent people that have been shot accidentally in Chicago due to drive-by shootings. I agree that we don’t need to loose focus on our local issues but he fed right into the issue when he decided to make his first point that Trayvon was a “towering” figure standing over 6 feet tall. At that point his credibility went straight out the window. You don’t shoot a man because he’s taller than what you think you can handle. I am disgusted at the views that are coming out surrounding this issue. Regardless of which side you stand on, just take a minute to evaluate what your underlying views are. If a towering black man wearing a hood was walking down your street, would you get nervous? Would you shoot?

Serial killers are typically nerdy, middle-aged white men. Should I shoot the next one that the power company sends knocking at my door. Better yet, the mail man. He might go “postal” at my front door. I don’t look at anyone’s skin tone and automatically assume they are criminals. We need to stop letting our views on another race dictate how the law is applied in this country.

And it’s okay not to know how to feel, which is where I am. I have heard the story. I have heard the 911 tape and it breaks my heart. But I also think there is a lot to this story that we don’t know. What I do feel is the shooter should be arrested and charged. Let him post bail and defend his actions as any of us would be called to do in the same situation.


  1. I do agree the shooter should be arrested, charged with at least manslaughter, tried and judged by a jury of his peers.
    What the young man was or was not holding, was or was not wearing does not matter. What does matter is he was shot and killed. He'll never have a family of his own to watch grow. He'll never do a lot of things. What he has done is to not have died in vain. He has brought a lot of discussion out in the open, no matter what your viewpoint is.

    1. I agree. If nothing else, I'm glad there is so much discussion going on.

  2. As a female living in a city with lots of crime, I'm aware of any male (black or white) at night. I'm also aware that most are just walking home like I am. I completely agree with April. It's good this discussion is occurring across the country.

    1. Friends are always laughing at me because I'm constantly talking about safety as a single woman. There are definitely things that have to be watching for and yes, all colors need to be included in the watch. I need to do a separate post about safety as a single girl.