Wednesday, March 21, 2012


So much as been going on but my blogging is not keeping up with it all. Not to mention, I have been getting so caught up in what’s been going on that I have been forgetting to take pictures.

Last week, my mother and grandmother came to visit. My mother, who was a transitioning natural, let me cut her hair and give her a henna treatment while my grandmother graciously tackled several of the sewing projects in my works-in-progress bin. I took no pictures. Absolutely none.

Mom and grandma also helped me visit florists for the wedding. I visited two beautiful shops and have no pictures to document the outing, but I’m sure I will be visiting them both again in the future.

And I really need to blog about the Costco that opened close to Chattanooga. They snuck that in on me while I was on business assignment in DC. Granted I was gone for two years so I should have expected some changes, but this is one I was not expecting. I am loving Costco. I was worried I wouldn’t have need for the membership, but the fruits and vegetables are enough to keep me going back. The selection is amazing and the grapefruits are the size of a child’s head! I’m serious. Check out your local Costco and you will see what I’m talking about.

I took a sewing class tonight (Big Hoop Love) and even though I did not take any pictures, I will be blogging about the projects I made and all that I learned.

Ta-Ta for now, kiddies.

Hope you are having an allergy free start to the spring. (I’m not!)

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