Sunday, March 18, 2012

Continuing To Vow

During Blissdom 2012, Hallmark asked us to make a video of who we were sending a card to. This is my video. I was cute that day! I am not a video maker at all, but I didn’t do too bad. I took some tips away from this of things to improve but I am thrilled that I even stepped up to do this. That is a big deal for me. I am by no means an extrovert so I consider this a major growth moment.

In continuing to spread the word about this special campaign, Hallmark is giving me the opportunity to get you into the spirit of telling those in your life the things they need to know. They will send a package of cards to one of my lovely readers. Please make a comment to this post or my previous Hallmark Blissdom post and I will randomly select one person to receive these goodies from Hallmark. Comments posted by midnight March 21st are eligible.

What do you need to tell the people in your life?


  1. While Email and texts speedily provide a moment of joy, an envelope that bursts open and reveals a card to tempt touch, tantalize the eye, and tell special thoughts rains showers of happiness for days.

  2. Wonderful video! I love Hallmark! I love sending and receiving cards. Emails are okay, but I prefer something tangible and handwritten.

  3. I just love Hallmark!!! What matter way to say I Love You than with a Hallmark card. I'm sure your future husband was very pleased to see your beautiful face and hear your wonderful greeting.

  4. I try to tell the people in my life that i love them, but theres something about seeing it and holding it in your hands that is just special. my kids LOVE getting mail!