Thursday, October 20, 2011

October #10--Blogalicious 2011--Swag Bag

I must go rest up for tomorrow, but I have to share. I am attending Blogalicious Weekend and it is off to a great start. This is the swag bag we were given at registration and I couldn't wait to get home to see what was weighing it down so much!

So, all of this came out of that bag. I still can't believe all it held.

-Que Rica Vida canvas bag
-single serving Honey Nut Cheerios
-3 books (The Taste of Salt by Martha Southgate, Silver Sparrow by Tayari Jones, Simply Done. Well Done by Aaron McCargo, Jr.)
-French Roast Coffee
-plastic water bottle (clear) with filter
-plastic water bottle (red) filled with sample of OTC medicines
-reusable, foldable water bottle
-metal bag hanger
-2 CoverGirl lipsticks
-other OTC medicine samples
-clear plastic business card portfolio
-Lots and lots of coupons for products and National Harbor vendors
-paper napkins from Wine Sisterhood
-ink pen
-Shea and Cocoa Butter baby oil
-3 pair-pack Hanes low cut socks
-1 pair Susan G. Komen socks
-Motions Light Hold hair spritz
-milk protein and olive oil deep conditioning treatment
-2 Oats N Honey Nature Valley energy bars

That is a lot!!!!

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