Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October #2--I Have a Problem

I Have a Problem by aldorris105
I Have a Problem, a photo by aldorris105 on Flickr.
Since I tend to post more to Flickr than anything, I decided to port some of what I've been posting over to my blog. This is the picture I took after cleaning my purse of all the pens/pencils and whatnots. This is what I have.

11 blue pens
8 black pens
1 Livescribe pen with refills
1 multi-color pen with 2 refils
6 colored pens (2 of which are blue)
3 Sharpie/Mark it
3 highlighers
1 stick eraser
2 fountain pens
3 wood pencils
2 mechanical pencils

I pared down a bit but most of them went right back into my purse with the addition of a red pen. And now that I think of it, I didn't need the red because I had the multi-click pen thingy. I don't use that often so I forget all about it so often.

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