Sunday, January 29, 2012

I Need A Charging Station...

So I made one. I have a few too many gadgets floating around the house these days and none of them ever seem to be charged up when I need them. So I go through the same routine everyday. I go through the house searching for a charger and then I try and figure out where to plug it in so I could possibly use it while I charge it. I’ve looked at setting up a place to charge everything in several places in the house, but nothing quite struck me as perfect until today.


In my living room, I have a console table with a decorative box on top…an empty decorative box. I think I used to keep knitting projects in it at one point, but after I started traveling, the unfinished projects went with me. So this box sat empty.

This box is a heavy paper box…maybe chipboard. I was able to cut a section into it with scissors. I took a power strip from my growing stash of cables and such and adhered it to the box with a couple of strips of double stick tape. I fed the cable through the cut-out in the box and put the lid back on. From the front the box looks just like it did before. You can only tell it’s been altered by seeing the cable protruding from the back. The cable goes straight down to the outlet below the table.


This is a great solution for charging small electronics. In the photo above, I have my Kindle Fire, iPod Touch and Nintendo DS charging up. I also have some extra cable store away in there for other electronics. And when I need to charge large electronics, I plug it in and feed it’s cable through the cut-out.



Perfect solution for my needs.


  1. Awesome! I totally need one of these.

  2. I am mega impressed by your craftiness! What a great idea...lord knows, if I were to attempt something like this, I'd likely electrocute myself :-/