Friday, January 20, 2012

Still Learning

This is my fifth year blogging (WOW!) and there is still so much to learn about this whole process.  If you are reading this in your RSS reader, I encourage you to click over to the site and take a look at the page.  Go ahead, I'll wait for you there.  :)
I haven't changed much, but there are some things I want to point out.

  1. As I mentioned before, I've done some cleanup to the tags on each of my posts, making the Tags list in the right-hand bar more useful. Just click one of the words and you get all the posts that I've assigned that tag to. I love easy to find information.
  2. I've finally learned how to set up and display multiple pages to the blog. You will see those listed in the ribbon just below the title banner. These will change every few months as my focus changes, but for right now the wedding and the blogging conferences, Blogalicious and Blissdom are my areas of focus.  And I can't forget my prayer project which will be continuing throughout the year.
  3. I have often had comments made to the blog that I wished I could respond to.  At one point in time, Blogger did not have a native solution for responding to comments.  This is now available and I plan to use it to continue our conversations.
I'm sure there will be other changes as I continue to learn and grow.  If you more experienced and savvy bloggers have any suggestions for me, please let me know.  I would love to get your feedback.


  1. Definitely not more experienced or savvy but I do love your blog :) I wish I could go to those conferences! I hear about Blissdom all the time on my Twitter TL, I hope you blog about it all the way through.

    1. I will definitely be blogging as the conference goes on. I need to look more at the sessions offered so I can pre-plan a little.