Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Books for April

My book journey continues on. I’ve knocked out 5 more books in my journey to read 100 books this year. I’m still terribly behind but I’ve finished 18 so far and I feel quite accomplished. You can follow my progress through Goodreads. There is also a status meter in the sidebar. I would love to connect with you all and see what reading goals you are setting for yourself. Below are the titles that I have tackled during the month of April.

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I listened to the Audible version of this book and I cannot speak highly enough of it. Joshilyn really knows how to tell a story and I appreciate that her "southerness" comes across as genuine and not manufactured. This was also read by the author and that in itself was delightful. I will be reading/listening to other titles by Ms. Jackson and can not wait to see what else she has put into the world. I already have two in my Audible library ready to be heard. I highly recommend this title in print and/or audio.


I had the pleasure of meeting this author/blogger at Blissdom 2012. Since deciding to combine my life with that of another, I have been on a journey of pairing down and simplifying. I refuse to believe that he and I can’t comfortably share the two bedroom home I have cultivated as a single girl. I want a good life that is lived within limits that are comfortable but not wasteful. This book has been helpful in helping me make some decisions about how we as a family will use our space. I have yet to do the 10 day clear out/cleaning process that she suggests but it is definitely in my future. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to live better without living bigger.
This was quite an interesting little book. It was written back in 1968. Some of the information is now outdated, particularly in terms of laws and public perception but it still is a good read. The author wrote this so boys and parents could more easily approach the subject of sex, but I would not want to read this as a parent and I wouldn’t want my child to read it. Well, I would think twice about both. But there are things here that all parents should know so I will be passing this on to friends with a son. We’ll see what they think of it. I almost hate to part with it. The copy I have is a very early edition and the only book I own that I can say was actually printed on a press and not using more modern printing processes. It’s quite lovely being able to feel the print on the page. I think I’m more of a physical book lover than I knew.


Thank God this book is a quick read. It was interesting and completely boring at the same time. The author brings up some interesting points about fidelity, infidelity an relationships, but he never expounds on anything. This book is nothing more than a collection of single thoughts that may hit you in passing, but there are no full discussions. Because of this, I think the book falls short of being anything more than a book of quotations on monogamy. Unless you need a good quote, skip this book.


I listened to this book as an audio selection. That is such a mistake. I like Dave Ramsey but I’m convinced he has no inside voice. His intensity is high octane all the time and that can get exhausting when listening to someone for three hours. But, he believes in what he speaks and I believe it as well. So many people have become debt free following his message which is based on biblical principles and one day I hope the future hubby and I can say the same. I highly recommend you read this book, but please buy a paper copy and skip the audio…unless you like being yelled at for hours at a time.

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