Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Field Notes


Last week, Field Notes sent an email offering a free 3-pack of the Red Blooded Memo Book free with any purchase. There was no minimum purchase so I went on over an placed an order for a pack of pencils for three dollars and some change. The free pack of memo books is $10 value so this was a very good offer from the Field Notes company.

I have been following Field Notes for about a year now but I have never used any of their products, mainly because I was worried about the size. I had never actually seen the notebooks in a store. And I was right. The photo below is to compare the size of the Field Notes Memo book with the Moleskine planner that I currently use.


On the positive side, the Field Notes could fit into the back pocket of the Moleskine or held in place under a band. However I use it, I do want it to work with or within my planner system so these two will be getting familiar with each other.

You’ll see another post soon about my current planner (18 month Moleskine weekly) and how I will alter for the next year since new 2013 planners are hitting the market and I Moleskine doesn’t offer an 18 month planner option that could easily transition from the existing 18 month planner. More on that later.

For now, I would love to know if any of you are Field Notes users and how you use them.

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