Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Summer Hair


I’ve been experimenting with my hair a bit and I am completely thrilled with the results. The pictures below are from my latest flat twist-out. I conditioner washed my hair with some V05 Clarifying conditioner. I let me hair dry a bit before adding the Pantene Pro-V Classic conditioner as a leave it. My hair was instantly soft. I added a little of the Fructis Style Gel for a little hold. The gel is marked Extra Strong, but it has never done much for my hair. I was only using it to get it out of my hair supplies. I was really surprised at the results.

My hair has fantastic definition and just enough hold that I can get two days without restyling. This is perfect for me. I typically don’t go longer than that and I want products that have little buildup so I can re-apply with setting. I did get some flaking with the combination of these two but I know from past experience that this comes from the gel. A quick fluff and shake took care of the flaking but reapplication during the week did add more flaking till eventually it just stuck to my hair. I will no be purchasing this gel again, but the conditioner is my hair’s new best friend.


As a style option, you just can’t beat the flat twist-out on my hair. They are quick to set, quick to take down and keep definition really well though fluffing and picking. I am anticipating a busy summer but I’m confident my hair will not cause me any problems. I just need to find a gel that doesn’t flake on me.

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