Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Every Girl Has a Story...

Book Review: Family Bible by Melissa Delbridge
ISBN: 978-1-58729-651-2 or 1-58729-651-9

And this girl has quite a story. This book really surprised me. It's title does nothing to clue you in on the tales of the southern family you will find inside. Get past the title and give this book a read. Melissa deals with family, race, friendship and social issues in a way that is funny and comforting without any of the language that would come across as offensive.

How brave of Melissa (any of us women!), to look inside of ourselves and tell stories that make us who we are. I don't think I've ever seen an author use a style quite like this. Her stories are not sequential but its written in a way that allows you to follow her life with no confusion.

Each person that comes into our lives leaves a little something behind and if we pay attention, we can see the true impact of each. Melissa's people gave her a voice and a unique perspective on what life should and could be.

This is a book that makes you think and makes you grateful for the people of your past. Whether they brought good or bad into your life, their existence contributed to who you are today.

Open your own family bible and review the lives listed there.

Thanks for the great book Melissa! If you are a knitter, you can find Melissa on Ravelry as Danto1. Stop by and tell her hi and mention that April sent you. I had the pleasure of meeting Melissa when she came to Chattanooga for her book signing and I'm happy to say she is a great and thoughtful person.

Happy Reading!!!

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