Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ran Out of Thread

The store where I got this thread (lime in color) is closed today and I'm trying to decide if I want to change to a different color or hit the shops looking for a match. Most of the exterior is done and I would still need another spool of the lime to finish topstitching on the outside. I had originally bought brown thread to do this bag but when I saw the lime thread I was given for free, I changed my mind. OY. So do I do the interior with brown??? Do I hit the shops??? Do I wait until Monday when the shop I got the thread from opens??? OH!


  1. The lime is so cute! You should look for it!

  2. Love the changes you've made in your blogsite.

    I agree about the lime - it's great! Your mom will love this bag!

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  4. Your work is terrific. The high quality and attention to detail is quite wonderful.

    ( I deleted my previous post because of misspellings)