Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Clutch

I need your help. Below are pictures of a clutch that I made. I like it without a wrist strap but I think I'm going to do another variation with the strap. I need further embellishment on it, although I do quite like it plain. So, any suggestions? I'm open to hear what ideas you all have.


  1. a simple yoyo-as-broocj type thing, made with either the body or lining fabrics?

    or some simple chunky outline like here :

    or a simple applique of some kind?

    i'm in mississippi btw :)

  2. I'd applique or attach a flower - cut from the fabric and padded. Or, brain storm here, take one of those flowers and make a kind of change purse and attach it with a "stem". Ok, maybe a brainf@rt instead.