Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm Due For A Turn-Around

Since starting back to work I haven't done any crafting. Part of it is due to getting used to being back on a regular work schedule and part is due from it being hot in the house. My heat pump has been out since January and I thought I was going to be able to hold out until July but that idea quickly went out the window when we got hit with a couple of really hot weeks. A friend let me borrow a portable air conditioner and it has been a life saver, but it only covers one room. So I limit my movements and try to stay in close proximity to the cool room.

But I am due for a turn-around! My heat pump is being replaced as I type and all will be good by the end of the day. I hated to shell out the money right now but I value my health. I wasn't even feeling well enough to attend any WWKIP events this weekend and you know that's not good. But I knew this would happen so it's not like it caught me off guard. The downfall of buying an older home. But I love this older home. And now I love it $4k more.

Maybe when I recover I'll be able to knit and sew like I want to. I especially need to get back to sewing. I have a gift for my mother I need to get started on.

Stay cool as you craft your way through the summer.

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  1. Wish I'd known - I'd let you stay at my place when I was gone... Hope it works well and all is cool now.