Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mom's Messenger Bag

It's done. I did go out this morning and was able to find some thread close in color to the one I had. Couldn't find the exact brand and color but I got close. This bag is a little thicker than the one I made for myself. The canvas I chose was stiffer so it took a little more effort but I've got to say that my finishing skills are getting much better. I still need to iron it one last time to really make it crisp.

Unfortunately, my sewing machine didn't quite make it to the end. I'm not sure what happened but it has revolted and refused to sew properly. Lucky for me I had my new toy waiting in the wings. Craftmonkey, you guessed correctly. I got a Bernina!!! I've been lusting after this for a few months now and decided to step out and go for it. To save money (these things are expensive), I bought one of the floor models. I wanted a new one but the floor model comes with all the same warranties and what not so it's just as good as new. It took me a bit to get used to it but I was determined to get this bag finished tonight. I wanted to finish this project with my old machine so as not to be faced with a leaning curve in the middle of the project, but it worked out well.

I think mom will love the bag. I'm quite happy and impressed with it. I'll be doing all kinds of things now that I've got the new machine so you'll be seeing some of those projects soon. I will be taking the free classes that come with purchasing from Lavender Lime. I also get hundreds of free fat quarters from the store with this purchase so I'll be working on developing small projects that I can use them for.


  1. The new messenger bag looks great. Congrats on the new sewing machine! Bernina is an excellent choice (I may be a little biased). Have fun!

  2. The bag looks gorgeous! Your mom will love it!

    You should make sock bags with the fat quarters... just a suggestion. ;)