Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nanowrimo? and other things

Okay, so it’s 7pm on day 1 andI have yet to write a word. Honestly, I’m not very motivated to do anything at the moment except wash my hair. But before I get moving on that, I want to make a few announcements to start off the month.

  1. I am participating in Nablopomo in addition to Nanowrimo so you will (hopefully) see at least one post a day from me for the entire month. yay! I promise I will come up some interesting things to say. Unfortunately, the Blogher site that is now hosting Nablopomo seems to be having difficulties so I’m glad I got today’s post in last night (early this morning, technically).
  2. During the month of November, I am running a side project that offers prayers for those that need it. I will do a full post on that after my shower. If you want to get a jump on things and put your request in early, please email your prayer request in to upliftmewithprayer(at)gmail(dot)com. We all need prayer from time to time and we need to stop being so shy about asking others to lift us up.
  3. Please, please, please follow the blog. If you have the blog in your RSS and you are not on the follow list, please leave comment to this post and let me know. Why? Because I am going to do my very first giveaway!!!! I have a shiny new toy from Amazon on order and I will be gifting it to one of my lovely subscribers. So, do what you got to do!!! It’s a HOT item and I’m sure you’ll want to be eligible. Sorry to my family--you are not eligible.
So, there you have it. Three very good reasons to stick around with me for the month. Comment and let me know you’re here with me.


  1. I think I will make a goal, in addition to trying to write daily for NaNoWriMo, I will read your blog. :) That way you HAVE to write. :) Take care, V
    PS. I wrote two paragraphs last night on the sequel and I didn't write anything on Tuesday. Woe is me.

  2. Ok, I thought I just left a message and now it is asking me to leave a second one. I have to go, but I will come back and try again. V