Friday, November 11, 2011

November Knitting Project

My grandmother got her shrug in the mail yesterday and she loves it. So, now that I’ve got one crochet project off the hook, I feel the need to get at least one knitting project off the needles. In looking at my Ravelry account, it seems I only have two knitting projects in progress (we’ll ignore the seven that I have put in time out--hibernation for all you Ravelry users)--A fair aisle blanket and a pair of socks. Needles to say I’m going to go for the socks.


I have had these socks on the needles since July 2010, over a year! When I first learned how to knit socks, I went crazy with it, with the goal of having enough socks that I could wear nothing but hand knit socks. Well, that’s a good goal until you become burned out and your existing socks sprout holes. Darning is a separate project that I need to tackle. But, back to these socks.

The pattern is Crosshatch Lace by Charlene Schurch from More Sensational Knitted Socks. The yarn is Lion Brand Sock-Ease in the Rock Candy colorway. I’ll try to get better pictures to show off the color when I finish them. I originally stopped working on these when I kept messing up the start to the second sock. It’s not a difficult pattern, but apparently my brain was in a difficult place. Let’s see if I have better luck this time.

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  1. I have tried so many time but I could never get into the swing of knitting. The socks are a cool idea. I am sure they are going to warm on your feet. lol Thanks for sharing ;-)