Sunday, November 20, 2011

More Unfinished Business

Since I’ve been tackling a few unfinished projects this month, I decided to add one more to the list. It’s actually a few in one but they are all the same. I am not a big jewelry wearer but I do enjoy wearing earrings. Whenever I leave the house without them, I can hear my grandmother’s voice in my head telling me she always feels naked if she doesn’t have earrings on. Once I learned how to make jewelry, I immediately set about making my own earrings. Most of the earrings I wear now are made by me. That way I get the exact colors I want and the exact sizes I want. But I do tend to start them and not finish them. Case in point…


It’s ridiculous that I have this many pair that are unfinished. So today’s goal was to complete as many as possible. I had a feeling I had more finished dangles than I did earring lever backs. And this was the case. In the end I was able to finish eleven pair. I tried to finish at least one out of every color range that I had, but I always lean towards more browns and blacks and of course my recent obsession with purple.IMAG0441-2011-11-20-13-15.jpg

I always store my earrings linked together like this so I lessen the chance of loosing one of the pair. Since I travel quite a bit, I have found that a recycled Altoids tin is the best storage device. I’ve tried many ways of carrying them, but this has turned out to be the best as it can fit in any spare space in a suitcase or in a pair of shoes without damaging the contents.


Okay…back to finishing those socks. Too bad they don’t go as quickly as these earrings. Hope you all are having a crafty weekend.

Take care!

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